PA Power Amplifier


  • 1. Input adopts audio transformer.
  • 2. Dual monaural and high power Class A output.
  • 3. Robust power supply.

The PA is a kind of high power Class A amplifier of dual monaural design. Voltage gain stage adopts Xindak specially made audio transformer input ; Output stage adopts 48 pieces of high power transistor parallel output which has robust current output performance. Power part adopts toroidal transformer and high capacity filter capacitance with which the unit could supply abundant energy.

The PA power amplifier supply RCA and balance input terminal, and the output adopts Germany famous WBT-07 which is top grade and gold-plated connect terminal of loudspeaker , each channel use 2 group parallel, it's very convenient for bi-wire connect with loudspeaker.

Xindak special made high active heat sink. Heavy and thick aluminium alloy plate makes A600(09) can keep high active heat dissipation even under high-power class A of 100W output condition. Consequently keep the unit working stable and reliable.

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