A08 Class D Integrated Amplifier

A08 is a dual/mono channel integrated Amplifier. It adopted the 300W linearity power and ICEpower250A amplifying module as the power amplification. ICEpower is a breakthrough of the technology which digital amplification is based on PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) and overcome the shortages of D class amplifiers' sawtooth wave distortion to realize the digital conversion with higher precision and lower distortion. At the same time, to express the advantages of small size, lower heat, and large power.

A08 has rich signal-input connector, meanwhile with the analogue RCA single-end input, the XLR balance signal input interface, as well as the optical and digital coxial input interface. Audio signal volume is controlled by the chips with high precision and low distortion. Both the pre-amplification and power supply are designed as independent dual/mono channel with the advantages of eliminating the interruption between the right & left channels thoroughly to get a clearer and transparent with more details. Pre-stage circuit procedure's structure design adopted the buffering, signal amplification and real balance output structure, together with the high-quality of integrated OPPOMA to form the voice color typical signal amplification circuit. The device is reasonably designed with rarefied layout among the modules with small interruption and high separation. Another feature of this device is the power conversion rate can reach over 80% to achieve the goal of save energy and environment protection. Meanwhile the controlling is insured to be feasible, accurate and reliable.

The auditory impression of A08 has a good performance in its dynamic effects and high fidelity on the basis of neutrality and balance. The voice impressed people in a warm sense and clear transparency with rich details, smooth and frequent.

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