PN-2 Power Cord

PN-2 is one of the Soundright "Silver Angle" series cables. Adopt double red and black 0.12mm*36 multi-strand OFC wires covered by PE interwisted together as the core wire. The red acts as Live line, and the black acts as Neutral line. Otherwise, the ground wire is made up of a φ1mm single silver-gilt wire and the whole amulinum foils covered the core wire. Because of the character on electromagnetism shield of amulinum foil, the anti-jamming capability for PN-2 is better than the other power cord with ordinary structure design. PN-2 could make the sound from devices purer and more powerful, and rich on the high-medium. Adopting this power cord for video devices, can also make the images stable and vivid.

To be more safe and reliable, this power cord also matches with the high-quality attaching plug.

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