BF-2 Balanced Interconnect Cable

This cable is used to connect the balanced output ports of the sound sources, such as CD player, SACD player and cassette player to the balanced input ports of the amplifier and recorder.

BF-2, as a member of the "Silver Angel" series products, is a balanced audio interconnect cable with Cannon connectors, which has high Signal to Noise Ratio and excellent performance against the interferences. With the beautiful and stylish appearance outside, its core is consisted of two separate wires of OFC which was covered separately by PE material. In fact each wire is consisted of several OFC wires twisted together inside. The external layer is the high-density copper meshwork and aluminum foil as shielding structure, which endows this cable with excellent performance against interferences. The enclosure of this cable used the transparent PVC protection layer, soft and beautiful.

The sound through this cable is of excellent musicality, transparence and both mellow and glossiness. Rich details are remained and it has very good music performance.

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