BF-3 Balanced Interconnect Cable

This cable is suitable to connect the balanced input ports of device to the output ports of device together.

BF-3 is the Balanced Interconnect Cable with Cannon connectors of the Soundright "Cinderella" series cables. The character for this cable is with outstanding anti-interference ability and high SNR. It adopts standard two wires symmetry structure inside, and with cotton yarn enwrapped and stuffed. For each wire core, it is 7 pieces of silver-gilt 8N cooper wires twisted together, which make the signal lost on the all frequency very few. There are also cooper foil and cooper mesh as double shield to avoid the electromagnetism interferences. This cables matches with Cannon connectors from Switzerland on both sides, and with nylon mesh cover outside.

The tone color for this cable is bright and mellow, and with superb ambienc.

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