SN-3 Interconnect Cable

As the interconnect cable of Cinderella series, SN-3 is used to connect the sound sources such as CD player, DVD player, to the amplifier.

The internal structure of SN-3 is standard and symmetrical, consisted by two groups of wires which are separately covered by voile and cotton. In order to avoid the electromagnetic interferences, it uses a layer of copper foil and a net braided by copper as well to accomplish “double isolation” and ensure the signal pure and clean. Each group of wires are consisted of 7 twisted 8N copper wires and covered by double PE isolation layers. It has excellent conductance property and the loss of signal is very low.

This cable is equipped with CMC RCA connectors.

The musicality of SN-3 is very strong, and the sound stage is also broad with very good analysis ability. The whole frequency range is very balanced, especially the low frequency is of great flexibility. SN-3 is the very outstanding one of SN interconnect cables.

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