PF-Gold Power Cord

PF-Gold power cord adopts the patent technology "Coaxial frequency-division transmission", the inside structure just as shown in the cutaway view beside. The conductor for its Neutral line is the net weaved by 16 pieces OFC with Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene) cover, which can also shield electromagnetism. The gold-silvery alloy with polytetrafluoroethylene cover and multi-strand OFC lacquered wire twist together, with one 61 strands OFC wire composes the conductor for Live line. The Ground line is another one 61 strands OFC wire.

The engineers found that the quality of the power cord would work on the sound quality from the audio devices, and the practices of audiophiles are also prove this opinion. The power cord with such patent technology structure will make the sound cleaner on the background, more exquisite and delicate on the High, full and mellow on the Middle, and powerful on the bass.

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