LF-Gold Loudspeaker Cable

The patent structure -"Coaxial frequency-division transmission" was put to use in this cable.

The negative polarity, also as the external conductance of the coaxial structure, is consisted of 16 multi-strands OFC covered by white PVC materials and twisted together as a braiding net. It could effectively avoid the electromagnetic interferences and ensure the high purity of the signal. The positive polarity, also as the internal conductance of the coaxial structure, is consisted of three parts: the 0.1X3.3 mm, 5% 4N gold and 95% 4N silver alloy foil, which is covered by PIEE materials, several twisted and lacquered multi-strands single crystal copper wires, and a stranded OFC wire with 61 strands. Compared with the columniform conductance, the flat conductance has much bigger surface area on the premise that both of them have the same cross section. In other words, the flat gold and silver foil could reduce the “Skin Effect” greatly especially on the high. Therefore, the high frequency signal is transmitted through this flat foil. Meanwhile, the middle frequency signal is delivered by the lacquered OFC wires. In the end, because the surface area of the stranded OFC copper is bigger but the current impedance is lower, the low frequency signal is transmitted through it. Herein, the different signals of different frequencies are transmitted in different paths, the internal disturbance is reduced greatly, besides, because the loss on the high is also decreased, the entire sound is of more transparent high, more mellow middle and more powerful low. Especially during the huge dynamics, the sound is not turbid at all.

It uses the original WBT high-flexibility OFC spades or top-grade bananas.

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