SW120 Active Sub-Woofer

The SW-120 adopts high-quality medium density fiberboard (MDF). The front and rear panels are especially thickened, in order to reduce the sympathetic vibration, make the sound performance better. The surface is crepon finished, shows superb. The amplifier part adopts double differential amplify circuit, which enhance the stability further. Fourth-order low pass filter net, which is adjusted by the professional engineers times in order to get outstanding performance on the bass. 10 inch special subwoofer, 144mm magnet, outstanding magnetic circuit and good heat radiation design. The fiber cone with high transfer speed, the quite flexile rubber suspension ring, the high-power voice coil with high temperature resistance, and the spider with good penetrability and high fatigue resistance, all of these bring up the super low f0 of loudspeaker. The good damp characteristic and the clear, deep, flexible tone bring you enjoy real high-quality music rhythm.

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