C09 CD-Player

C09 is an ARC style CD-Player released by Xindak, which adopts 24Bit/192KHz decoding way. With improved quantization precision, it can replay original analog information vivider with more detail, and the sound can also get a quality improvement. In order to get better sound, the products adopt special audio grade permalloy transformer on the analogy part, in order to eliminate "digital character" of the sound, enhance the output signal transfer matching characteristic, and improve the sound and sound field positioning.

The circuit design inside is based on the company experiences on research, development and tuning for many years. In addition, all of the elements inside are well selected. The signal process models are audio process models with good reputation. The power supply adopt one high quality annular transformer with high power, and each circuit stage are supplied power by individual winding. The filter coupling part adopts Hifi grade capacitors such as WIMA, ELNA, RUBYCON and so on, and all of resistors are high precision metal film resistors with low noise, which can reduce the sound lose to the minimum.

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