MS-1201 Horn Bookshelf Loudspeaker

MS-1201 Horn Loudspeaker are unique, not matter on material adopted, design or tunning, especially on the selection of the speaker unit. Adopt 12dB 2-way crossover circuit with excellent phase-frequency characteristics. Also, famous Xindak patent Bias Technology has been added, which can make the high and mid frequency performed excellent.

This speaker adopts aluminum-coated compression driving head, matching with the specially custom-made wood horn. The sound is high-fidelity, sweet and smooth. Antique Western Electric wires are used inside. The mid & bass unit is 12 inch driver,which is also custom-made in Taiwan. This unit adopts 160mm steel magnet, aluminium-casting frame, 34mm glass fiber bobbin voice coil and woolen cone with high quality. It also adopts double cloth edge. So that it is flavor in the low frequency, which is powerful,and full with standout transient response .

With high sensitivity, MS1201 has not only the style of the horn speaker, but also it has the delicated and smooth sound. It can perform the timbre best, while connecting with tube amplifier.

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