XA8550 Power Amplifier

XA8550 power amplifier is designed especially for matching with XA3200MKII pre-amplifier. It is with high fidelity for reproduction the music signal. The appearance is both simple and elegant. The inner circuit design derives from reputable current negative feedback circuit of XA6950 and adopts Darlington structure on the current amplifier stage. The output power dynatrons are three pairs SANKEN 2SC3264/2SA1295 whose peak current can reach 51A, to insure the driving power. The filter capacitor for main power supply is 82000uF/63V electrolytic capacitors, and the power supply is two 300W high power toroidal transformers. The tone is balanced and neutral, with good speed sense and analysis ability.

You can use XINDAK XA3200MKII vacuum tube amplifier to matching with XA8550. For more product information about the XA3200MKII, please click here.

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