XA-6800SE Integrated Amplifier

XA6800SE is a Class A integrated amplifier which is specially designed for audiophiles. The pliotrons are 6 pairs of metal packged FET,which improve the tone and reliability both.

There is special L type copper bar as the heat sink bridge for the pliotrons, and make the heat can be radiated to the large heat sink for units as soon. In addition, there is also holistic cool structure design, in order to hold the temperature balance for the amplifier work, and improve the reliability as most. The right and left channel circuit design inside is symmetrical, and the power supply transformer is at the middle of the unit, which makes the weight distributing symmetrical and avoid syntony.

This amplifier adopts R type transformer with high-power, high-speed metal packaged bridge rectifiers and Rubycon filter capacitor more than 40000uF. All of above, it could supply enough power and improve the performance under large dynamic output work model. The tone is thick, exquisite and soft, with the similar style of tube amplifier.

On the appearance design, it is with the classicism. The panel is made by walnut which inlays a metal panel in the middle, and the knobs are also wooden. Choose XA6800SE, choose more music tastes.

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