Alert Warning
Xindak is warning customers to be aware the offer on our products from any seller on the discount online website, such as Ebay or any other unauthorized dealers. Goods from those companies are not purchased from Xindak. These units are dubious origin, which could be second-hand, older models, fake, defective, self-assemble in private, with improper voltage or could not meet the local safety requirements of your country.
Xindak products are sold through authorized distributors and dealers selected by Xindak only. They have been chosen for their professional products knowledge and service ability. Xindak provides a warranty on products sold only by our authorized distributors and dealers. In order to safeguard your warranty and assure the purchased product quality, please buy our products from our authorized distributors and dealers only. Each of our product has its own serial number, it can be always trace from its origin, we will NOT PROVIDE any warranty or technical support from unauthorized sources even it might be genuine product. Also, make sure there is a serial number on the products you purchase. Please check the dealer authorization from link: "Where to Buy Xindak Products" or directly contact us.
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